Kasra Ferdowsi

I'm a PhD candidate in the Programming Languages and Systems group at UC San Diego, co-advised by Nadia Polikarpova and Sorin Lerner. I completed my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science a UC Berkeley in 2019.
My research interests are at the intersection of Programming Languages and Human-Computer Interactions, with a focus on Program Synthesis, and using PL and Synthesis techniques to build useful and usable tools.
You can find my CV (updated Aug. 2023) here, reach me at kferdows@eng.ucsd.edu, toot at me on hci.social/@kasra, and watch my mountain of incomplete Rust projects pile up on GitHub.


Conference Papers

  • ColDeco: An End User Spreadsheet Inspection Tool for AI-Generated Code
    VL/HCC 2023

    Kasra Ferdowsi, Jack Williams, Ian Drosos, Andrew D. Gordon, Carina Negreanu, Nadia Polikarpova, Advait Sarkar and Benjamin Zorn

    [Paper] [More Links Coming Soon]
  • Investigating the Impact of Using a Live Programming Environment in a CS1 Course
    SIGCSE TS 2022

    Ruanqianqian (Lisa) Huang, Kasra Ferdowsi, Ana Selvaraj, Adalbert Gerald Soosai Raj and Sorin Lerner

    [Paper] [Talk]
  • LooPy: Interactive Program Synthesis with Control Structures
    OOPSLA 2021

    Kasra Ferdowsifard, Shraddha Barke, Hila Peleg, Sorin Lerner, Nadia Polikarpova

    [Paper] [Talk] [Online Editor] [Source Code]
  • Small-Step Live Programming by Example
    UIST 2020

    Kasra Ferdowsifard, Allen Ordookhanians, Hila Peleg, Sorin Lerner, Nadia Polikarpova

    [Paper] [Talk] [Online Editor] [Source Code]

Workshop Papers

  • Towards Human-Centered Types and Type Debugging
    PLATEAU 2023

    Kasra Ferdowsi

    [Paper] [Slides]

Other Writings

  • Live Exploration of AI-Generated Programs
    arXiv 2023

    Kasra Ferdowsi, Ruanqianqian (Lisa) Huang, Michael B. James, Nadia Polikarpova, Sorin Lerner

    [Paper] [Slides]
  • The Usability of Advanced Type Systems: Rust as a Case Study
    Research Exam 2022

    Kasra Ferdowsi

    [Written Report] [Slides]
  • Programming by Partial Examples
    Class Project 2021

    Kasra Ferdowsifard and Ruanqianqian Huang

    [Class Report]


  • Exploring and Validating AI-Generated Programs Through Concrete Values

    Kasra Ferdowsi